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Cloud Computing

A global media company utilizes Amazon Web Services for a large portion of its digital media distribution.  Gigabyte sized files are uploaded and processed daily.  Slow FTP performance is limiting production rates and causing unacceptable distribution delays.

Cloud computing is providing productivity gains associated with scalability, performance, and cost savings for the computing resources.  But poor FTP speed is preventing these gains from being fully realized.

ExpeDat servers are deployed directly on the existing EC2 instances.  No new instances or images need to be created, thus ExpeDat can be integrated directly into the existing workflow software.  ExpeDat's integration features allow rapid deployment with minimal disruption to the software already in use.  (See Tech Notes 0025 and 0015 for how.)

ExpeDat's light-weight clients provide high efficiency transfer to end-users on all networks without any setup or configuration.  Familiar FTP-like interfaces and web-integration features allow human users to realize production speed gains with minimal disruption.  Scripting and development features allow rich integration for automated data sources.

With transfer bottlenecks removed, the cost and productivity benefits of cloud deployment are fully realized.  The company is able to provide rapid turn-around and delivery of media assets with minimal cost and minimal complexity.




Large data transfer to and from cloud servers.


ExpeDat on Amazon EC2 instances.


High throughput rapidly integrated with existing cloud deployments.