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Licensed customers receive one year of support and updates included with the original purchase.  Support and updates can be renewed annually.


ExpeDat 1.12 - SyncDat 1.1

This update includes many new features and improvements.  If you are a licensed customer, you may download the new software from the DEI secure download site.  Trial users can simply repeat the download process to receive the latest version.



ExpeDat URLs

Create clickable URLs for accessing ExpeDat servers via web pages, email, and bookmarks. Perfect for guiding new users or creating shortcuts to your favorite locations.
ExpeDat URLs Illustrated


Check Compatibility

Make sure your systems meet the new minimum requirements before updating.  Tech Note 0004


Windows Firewall

The server software now detects common Windows Firewall problems and will attempt to correct them during install.  ExpeDat Connectivity Manual Page


Update Server Scripts

To take full advantage of server startup improvements, answer 'y' if you are prompted about Overwriting server startup scripts.


Automatic Retry

All clients will now automatically retry transactions which fail due to network connectivity or server capacity problems.  MTPexpedat Retry Manual Page


Hidden Features

Are you taking full advantage of everything ExpeDat can do?
New Features Manual Page


SyncDat Parallel Scan

The SyncDat client now scans both local and remote systems in parallel, reducing total scan time by as much as 50%.


More Update Tips

For more information about updating DEI software, read Tech Note 0012, or skip to its troubleshooting section

For full update details see the product change logs: +1 617-500-0002
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