DropDat (Windows and macOS only)

DropDat allows you to create "droplets" which upload to pre-determined ExpeDat servers when files are dropped on them.  Droplets require no user interaction other than dragging files and folders onto them.  They can be copied, downloaded, or emailed to end-users with no other installation.

It may still be necessary to open firewall ports on the workstations or networks of DropDat droplet users.  See the Connectivity section for details.

DropDat can be used in three ways:

DropDat Droplet Configuration Master: Double click on this icon to create a new droplet, or drag a droplet onto it to change that droplet.
DropDat ExpeDat Desktop Embedding Master: Drag a copy of the ExpeDat Desktop client onto this icon to embed options and restrict end-user's ability to change options.
DropDat Droplet Uploader:  Drag files or folders onto this icon to send them to a designated ExpeDat server.  To change the configuration of a droplet, drag this icon onto a DropDat master.

The first time you run DropDat or a droplet under Windows 10, you may receive a warning from Windows Defender.  This is due to the embedded configuration used to store droplet information.  Click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway" to enable the client.

Because DropDat is designed for minimal user interaction, it lacks many of the features provided by ExpeDat Desktop and movedat.  Use those clients for general purpose ExpeDat access.


Creating Droplets

Changing Droplets

Sending Files

Pause & Abort

Automatic Retry