DropDat DropDat is designed to offer the simplest possible interface for sending files.  Droplets require no user interaction beyond dragging and dropping files.  When considering distribution of droplets, keep the following limitations in mind:

License Codes

Unlike other ExpeDat clients, the DropDat Configuration Master will prompt you for a license code the first time you run it.  Refer to your MTP License Summary document for your DropDat license code.  This feature is intended to help server administrators limit access to droplet creation.  Droplets should not require entry of the license code, but under rare circumstances (e.g. Windows registry corruption) they may prompt for it.

Click the "Help" button in any configuration dialog to view license details.

Sending Droplets

Droplets are self-contained applications (.exe or .app).  Some email servers and security software may limit or block their transfer.  When emailing a droplet, be sure to notify the recipient in a separate email in case the one containing the droplet is blocked.  See the Distribution section for more about sending droplets to other people.

Platform Support

Windows droplets can only be created, changed, and used on Windows computers.  Likewise, macOS droplets can only be created, changed, and used on macOS computers.

User Editing

Droplets are not intended to be user editable.  If you wish end-users to be able to edit droplet settings, they will need a copy of DropDat and its license code (subject to the terms of your software license).


Although droplets restrict the user interface available to end-users, they are not intended as a substitute for good security practices.  Ensure that any server-side user account used by droplets is appropriately secured.  For example, accounts which will only be used for droplet uploads may use RestrictHome and WriteOnly.

Downloading and Viewing

Droplets can only send files and create the folders which hold them.  All other ExpeDat functions require use of ExpeDat Desktop or movedat.


File content compression is not supported in DropDat.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management options are not available in DropDat.  Many of these options can be configured at the server.  Some bandwidth options, such as aggression, can also be pre-set as part of your DropDat license.  Contact Technical Support for details.