syncdat Client

The syncdat client is a command line program which can be run in a unix shell, Windows Command Console, or macOS Terminal Window.  It can also be embedded in shell scripts or batch files.

Failure to use SyncDat correctly can result in extreme data loss!
While you are learning to use syncdat, always test each operation in Safe Mode to verify that syncdat will do what you expect.

SyncDat operates on one directory tree hosted on the local workstation, and one directory tree hosted on a remote servedat server.  It can perform three types of operations:

Local Master: Only the remote directory is changed to make it identical to the local directory.

Remote Master: Only the local directory is changed to make it identical to the remote directory.

Peer Mode: The two directories are compared and changes may be made to both of them to make them the same.

Windows and Unicode

All text generated by syncdat itself, including prompts, error messages, and directory listings, uses UTF-8 character encoding.  When running syncdat in a Windows console, non-ASCII characters may not display correctly unless you take the following steps:

See the Unicode section for more information about unicode character encoding.



Safe Mode

Peer Mode

Remote Master

Local Master


User Queries


Automatic Retry

Configuration File