Remote Master

In Remote Master mode, SyncDat will look for any differences between the local and remote directories, and change the local directory to make it match.  This mode is recommended for content distribution or other situations where updates will occur on the remote side.


Use the "-r" option or set the RemoteMaster configuration variable to select Remote Master mode:

syncdat -r localpath

New Files

New files on the remote side will be copied to the local side.  Any new files on the local side will be deleted unless the NoDelete option is set.

Deleted Files

Any file that does not exist on the remote side will be deleted from the local side unless the NoDelete option is set.

Updated Files

If a difference is detected between a file that exists on both sides, the remote version will overwrite the local version.

Conflicting Files

Files on the remote system will always overwrite those on the local system, even if the local files are newer.