Servedat Status

To query the version and run-time status of a servedat server, ping its DNS name or IP address.  If the server is running on a port other than 8080, include that as well.

mtping <address>[:port]

For example:

host-14# mtping ACT_IDSTR ( Response 0 of 208 bytes after 0 repeats in 0ms (Version 2/0): servedat - 1.18.3 July 2019 - DEI, DOC-2.3.2 MTP-osx-4.2.9 3077 00000001: ExpeDat-1.18D Data Expedition Inc., Server Statistics (11803): Name: servedat Version: 1.18.3 Platform: osx Clock: Fri Aug 16 14:28:41 2019 Clock Skew: 0 seconds Options: ro,rh Load: Current: 0, MaxConfig: 2, MaxStart: 2, TotalStart: 155 Capacity: Limit: 10, Exceeded: 0 Up Time: 6.71 weeks Config Time: 2.54 weeks Idle Time: 27 seconds Errors: Errors: 0, Failures: 2, Warnings: 63, Denials: 5 Data: In: 100 megabytes, Out: 1.40 gigabytes Bandwidth: In: 0 bits/sec, Out: 14.0 megabits/sec Drops: Bad Checksums: 0, Bad Headers: 0

The fields displayed may vary depending on the server version and configuration.

Name Name of the server application.
Version Component version of the server application.
Platform Platform specifier of the server operating system.
Clock Server's current time, expressed in the local timezone of the system running mtping.
Clock Skew Difference between Clock and the local system time.  Note that high network latency may cause this to display ±1 even if the clocks are perfectly synchronized.  See "System Clock Accuracy" for important information about keeping clocks accurate.
Options When present, this line shows server-wide access restrictions currently in effect:
ro ReadOnly
wo WriteOnly
rh RestrictHome
nl No links: symbolic links are not supported.
no NoOverwrite
wl WriteListOnly
go GetOnly
Load Number of concurrent transactions currently running, highest value since the last configuration change, the highest value since server startup, and the total number of transactions attempted since startup.
Capacity The maximum number of concurrent transactions allowed, and the number of times transactions have been denied due to this limit being reached.
Up Time Time since the server was started.
Config Time Time since the last configuration change.
Idle Time Time since the last transaction.
Errors Number of server errors, transaction failures, warnings, and transaction rejections since startup.  See the servedat Monitoring section for details.
Data The number of bytes transferred in and out since the last configuration change.
Bandwidth The bandwidth consumed incoming and outgoing averaged over the previous minute in bits per second.
Drops The number of datagrams dropped due to bad checksums and due to bad headers.

Note that a query via mtping does not count as a transaction for the purposes of server capacity or idle.

This same information can be retrieved in a machine friendly format with the Response Output option -r.