mtping Option Summary

The following command line options are available for mtping.

-a <action> Sets an MTP/IP action code for the request messages.  This should only be used if you are developing a custom MTP SDK application.
-c <count> Measures Round Trip Time, similar to the traditional "ping" command, repeating the test approximately count times.
-d <level> Enable MTP/IP diagnostic output.  Level 1 is recommended any time you are experiencing difficulties.  Levels above 1 will produce copious output and may degrade performance.
-i <seconds> Sets the number of seconds to wait between repeats.
-l <bytes> Sets the length of the request payload in bytes.
-r Output the response without interpretation.
-R [License] Register an MTP/IP license code.  The license code may be provided on the command line, otherwise mtping will prompt for it.
-t Enters trace mode, querying each router along the path to the destination server.
-T <user>:<password>@<server>
Retrieves a transaction report from the server.  May be combined only with options -d and -w.
-w <seconds>   Sets the maximum amount of time to wait for a response.
-v Displays version and license information for mtping.