Creating a New Folder

You may create a new folder on the server, provided that you have sufficient authorization to do so.

To request creation of a new folder, use the "–n" option as shown below:

movedat -n [user@]host:path

For example,

movedat -n

By default, parent folders must already exist and be writeable.  In the example above, "subdir/" must exist and be writeable.

You may request that the server create any missing parent folders by using the -B or BuildPath option.

movedat -B -n

is equivalent to

movedat -n movedat -n

If a folder already exists, movedat will not display an error message.  But it will return exit code 34 and, when ShowLogs is enabled, it will log error class 0 with code 34.

Object Handlers

Object handlers may implement the new folder function differently, or not at all.  For example, as of this writing, the CloudDat gateway for Amazon S3 does nothing and returns success as folders do not exist in S3 and are not required for the creation of pseudo-paths.