Exit Codes

movedat returns a one-byte exit code to its parent application or shell to indicate the result of its execution.  An exit code of 0 indicates successful completion, while any other value indicates a failure.

If movedat is performing multiple operations and at least one fails, it will return 255 to indicate that there are multiple results.  To receive results for each operation, use the Logging feature.

The following exit codes may be returned by movedat.  Application and Network errors are described further in Tech Note 0013.  If you receive a code not listed, contact technical support and provide as much information as you can about the circumstances which generated the code.

0 Success: all requested operations completed successfully
Application Errors
1 Could not determine the nature of the error
4 An unsupported feature was requested
5 Invalid address
8 Object too large to be delivered
9 Object unavailable
10 Bad Credentials (username or password)
11 Object is busy or locked - try again later
13 Operation timed out
14 A requested condition was not met
17 Unsupported application version
18 Invalid Argument
20 Transaction lost or unrecognized
21 Encryption required
22 Requested encryption is not supported
23 Requested key is not valid or not supported
24 Request denied by configuration or user input
25 Invalid pathname
26 A server name is invalid or no server could be reached
27 Insufficient privileges for requested action
28 Requested feature not supported
29 Operating system error
30 Server capacity has been exceeded
31 Exceeded resource limit based on credentials
32 Session aborted
33 Out of memory
34 Directory already exists or requested state already set
36 A partial upload was detected and resumption was not selected
37 A partial upload was detected, but the file or meta data appears to be corrupted
38 A partial upload was detected, but the source and destination files appear to be different
43 A feature was requested which is not supported by the software license
Network Errors
66 Error in network system call
69 Network buffer overflow
71 Request expired because network connectivity was lost
72 Address is not valid
32 Port is not valid (out of range)
76 ICMP Network is down
77 ICMP Host is down
78 ICMP No application on given port
80 ICMP Network unknown
81 ICMP Host unknown
82 ICMP Net/Host/Filter Prohibited
Other Errors
248 Problem with command line or configuration file
249 Error accessing a local file
250 An error occurred with the DEI toolkit
251 An error occurred with the SEQ module
252 An error occurred with the DOC module
253 An error occurred with the MTP module
254 License/registration problem
255 Multiple: Multiple actions were requested and some failed