About MTPexpedat

Click the Options Opt button to display the Options window.  Information about MTPexpedat's version and licensing is displayed in the "About" tab of the Options window.  For example:

MTPexpedat by DEI® ExpeDat™ GUI File Transfer Client (C)2015 Data Expedition, Inc.(R) US Pat. 7158479,7313627,7404003,7630315,8014289 http://www.DataExpedition.com/ MTPexpedat - 1.16.4 June 2015 - DEI, EXP-1.16.4, DOC-2.1.1 MTP-osx-4.1.1 1482 00000001: ExpeDat-1.16E Data Expedition Inc., Enterprise

The version and license information in the lower half of the about box is most important.  See Tech Note 0001 for instructions on how to interpret application version information.  This information is critical if you need to make a Technical Support Request.