Everything needed to control basic MTPexpedat functions is provided in the main interface window.  Additional configuration options are available for advanced users who wish to experiment or perform troubleshooting.  These settings can be reached by clicking the "Options Opt" button.

None of the settings in the Options dialog require adjustment for most installations.  Incorrect settings may severely degrade performance or disrupt the network.  Take the time to understand what these Settings do before experimenting with them.

The settings displayed in the dialog are derived from several sources.  See the Priority chapter for information on how the settings may change in different contexts.

Administrators can change the defaults or lock-in settings by creating an embedded configuration.


Blank fields have no value and the related function is disabled.

Gray text indicates a default value.  The default may be generated from the application, your license, or may be embedded using DropDatDefaults may change.  See the Priority chapter for information on where settings can come from.

Black text indicates a value which has been set by the user.

Erasing a value will remove your setting and restore any applicable default.


The buttons at the bottom of the dialog apply to all settings in all panes.  Changes are not recorded until you click Apply or Save.

Save Apply your changes and save them for future sessions.
Apply Apply your changes only for this session.
Revert Reset all values to the last saved state.
Defaults Remove all of your settings, as if you had erased every field.  You still have to click Apply or Save for this to take effect.

See the Settings chapter for the meaning and use of the settings themselves.