Quick Start

Quick Start mode uses limited server features to facilitate rapid testing.
For full functionality, follow the installation instructions in the Setup chapter.

The SyncDat client and server are designed to allow instant use without any configuration.  This is most appropriate for quick tests or temporary installations.  When the server is run using these Quick Start instructions, the default will be to have no authentication or encryption.  If you are preparing for a permanent installation, please follow the Setup instructions instead.

IMPORTANT: To transfer files between two computers, they must be connected by a working IP network path.  The server must have an accessible IP address.  If there are firewalls, VPNs, or NAT devices between the computers, then these devices must be set to allow UDP/IP to pass through on port 8080 (by default).  See the connectivity section for more information.

The SyncDat client is a command line application which must be run by typing its command or by embedding it in a script.  The instructions below include information specific to each platform.


Windows Quick Start

macOS Quick Start

Other Unixes Quick Start