Load Monitoring

The "-c" option will query the server at regular intervals, reporting a one line result for each response.  The server's load at that time will also be reported whenever the load is greater than 0.

The following example uses mtping to check a server's load at 10 second intervals up to 999 times:

host-15: mtping -i 10 -c 999 DataExpedition.com ACT_PING DataExpedition.com ( 0 bytes from count=0 repeats=0 time=17 ms 0 bytes from count=1 repeats=0 time=40 ms rspn=1 0 bytes from count=2 repeats=0 time=45 ms rspn=1 0 bytes from count=3 repeats=0 time=60 ms rspn=2 0 bytes from count=4 repeats=0 time=57 ms rspn=2 0 bytes from count=5 repeats=0 time=63 ms rspn=2 0 bytes from count=6 repeats=0 time=41 ms rspn=1 ...

Only non-zero load values are displayed and the maximum value is 255.

Note that if the server running at the given address and port is not a servedat instance, the response value may have a different meaning.  Consult the documentation of that product for details.