Structured Lists

The normal directory listing output is designed for human readability.  If you will be using movedat in an embedded environment, or will otherwise need to machine parse the listings, you can also obtain a machine parseable structured listing from the server's built-in listing object handler.

For example, the following movedat command displays a raw directory listing:

# movedat -D\*li: servedat 1.17.0 linux 569E6615 EST / ro,rh,nl 1,2,2,635 10,0 49A68B 49A68B 0 0,14,13,95 24560D000 Celia.png 2B1ACE 40328770 F 81A4 1F4:A LA-500.png 7DBE0 4499A6A8 F 81A4 1F4:A Miami-1000.png FF7ED 4499A6BD F 81A4 1F4:A test100mb.dat 6400000 427F8E62 F 81A4 1F4:0 test1mb.dat 100000 42BC13E2 F 81A4 1F4:A tst 1000 4FE1EEA0 D 41ED 1F4:A test20mb.dat 1400000 4255AA9D F 81A4 1F4:0 test50mb.dat 3200000 41BF236B F 81A4 1F4:A test512kb.dat 80000 446FAFE7 F 81A4 1F4:0 test5mb.dat 500000 40323FE7 F 81A4 1F4:A test500mb.dat 1F400000 56420639 F 81A4 1F4:A

Note the use of movedat's -D option to permit display of the raw data.

See the servedat Structured Lists section for syntax and parsing details.