Path Completion

For shells that fully support programmable command completion, movedat is able to complete remote pathnames by querying the server in response to a [TAB] completion request.

For example, with command completion activated, typing


would query servedat and fill in the remainder of the remote path:


How it Works

When you type [TAB], the shell invokes a script which calls movedat with the -F option to resolve the partial file path.  The example above would result in the following command being executed behind the scenes:

movedat -F -e 2000 -q\*

The shell uses the resulting list of completions to complete the command line.

For this to work, you must have a shell that fully supports programmable command completion, such as Bash 2.04 or later.  You must also install a command completion script, as described below.


Command completion can also be used with authenticated requests.  However, the password must be in the password cache, or on the command line.  movedat will not prompt for passwords during command completion.

Shell Scripts

If you use Bash 2.04 or later, you may use command completion by adding the contents of the included file to your .profile or .bashrc.

tcsh does not provide full support for command completion.  For support in other shells, check their documentation for command completion scripting.