This section contains reference material which may be helpful if you are experiencing problems using ExpeDat or are exploring advanced setups and configurations.

Tech Notes

DEI Tech Notes is a collection of in-depth articles concerning all MTP/IP applications and related technologies.  It includes up to date information about how the technology works, tips for configuration and troubleshooting, and guidance for integrating with third-party technologies.


If you are experiencing performance problems, please capture diagnostic logs prior to requesting technical assistance.  Tech Note 0033 provides step-by-step instructions for enabling diagnostics, performing tests, and capturing logs.  Diagnostic data is recorded on the receiving side of a data transfer.  If you are uploading data, follow the instructions for your server.  If you are downloading data, follow the instructions for your client.  Be sure to perform every step in the order given.

To receive technical assistance, please complete a Technical Support Request (TSR) form.  Describe your environment, what you are trying to do, the results you expect, the results you are seeing, and most especially include the exact and complete text of any error messages.  Note any diagnostic logs you have prepared.  Submitting a thorough TSR is the fastest way to get help.

You may also email or call our support office at +1 617-500-0002 ext. 2 (US Central Time).


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