The following limitations apply to the current version of ExpeDat Mobile.

iOS App Store Only

ExpeDat Mobile is only available from the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.  An Android client is not available at this time.

Server Version

ExpeDat Mobile for iOS is compatible with standard ExpeDat and CloudDat servers running version 1.20A or later.  Earlier versions will return the error "Request Denied".

Foreground Only

Due to iOS restrictions, the app must be kept in the foreground while it is transferring data.  If the app is switched to the background or the device is locked, data transfer will be paused.

Local Files Only

Only files stored on your device should be uploaded.  Selecting files stored in iCloud or on other servers will cause iOS to copy them to the device which may take considerable time.

Photo Access

ExpeDat Mobile must be given access to "All Photos" in the Photos library in order to access any files in the library.  If you choose "Selected Photos", iOS prevents ExpeDat Mobile from accessing any files, even the ones you selected.

Host Groups

In this initial release, only singleton destination servers may be targeted.  Support for server Host Groups is planned for a future update.

URL Options

Only Send URL actions (a=s) are supported.  If no action is specified, 's' will be assumed.  URL parameters b, c, l, r, s, and t are not supported.

Security Spaces

ExpeDat Mobile is only compatible with servers operating in the standard ExpeDat security space.  Private security space servers will not accept ExpeDat Mobile requests.