Deleting Files

You may delete files, folders, and symbolic links, provided that you have sufficient permissions.

Select the objects you wish to delete in one of the file browsers, then click the Delete button beneath that browser.  You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to confirm deletion.  Click "Okay" to attempt the deletion.

You may delete folders only if they are empty.  Mass deletion of folders trees is not currently supported.

Local objects are deleted immediately.  Remote deletions are added to the queue and will execute after any transfers or actions already in the queue.

Symbolic links may be deleted without affecting the link's target.

Confirmations or errors will be displayed in the message box at the bottom of the window.

Object Handlers

Object handlers may implement the delete function differently, or not at all.  For example, as of this writing, the CloudDat gateway for Amazon S3 allows deletion of all objects with the same prefix, effectively deleting an entire pseudo-folder and its pseudo-contents.