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Dr. Seth Bradley Noble, the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and President of DEI studied engineering and computer science at the California Institute of Technology, earning Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in 1994.  He then attended the University of Oklahoma where he researched advanced network communication protocols.  In 1999 he was awarded a Ph.D. in the field of Computer Science for his work in developing the Multipurpose Transaction Protocol.  In early 2000, Dr. Noble formed Data Expedition, Inc. to further develop and market the MTP technology.  He has been working since that time to refine the technology and bring MTP/IP products to market.

A Brief History of MTP

The inspiration for the Multipurpose Transaction Protocol first occurred to Dr. Noble in the Summer of 1993 during a conversation with a fellow student working in the expert systems laboratory of Dr. Frederick Thompson at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).  Dr. Noble, then an undergraduate, was noting the limitations of TCP/IP in transmitting real-time audio-video.  He suggested that perhaps a new transport protocol was needed.  His fellow researcher dismissed the suggestion, saying that "If there was a better a way to do such a thing, someone would have done it already."

This conversation stuck in Dr. Noble's mind until the fall of 1994.  The University of Oklahoma's newly independent Computer Science department had given him an extraordinary opportunity: he was funded to conduct doctoral research into any area of his choosing.  Remembering that conversation, the soon to be Doctor Noble chose to research the creation of a new transport protocol optimized for modern applications and networks.

The initial goal for the technology was to provide a platform for performing rapid database queries and audio-video streaming.  By 1997, the technology was capable of performing reliable data retrievals with zero connection overhead and could stream real-time telephone conversations across congested network backbones with no drop-outs and minimal latency.  But in the process of this development it became apparent that the limitations of TCP presented many more opportunities for improving data transport.  By the time Dr. Noble completed his dissertation work in 1999, he had expanded the technology to provide general purpose data retrieval across wide area networks at speeds four to ten times faster than TCP.

In February of 2000, Dr. Noble founded Data Expedition, Inc.  The acronym, DEI, is a reference to his membership in Caltech's Dabney House.  Since founding DEI, Dr. Noble has worked to develop the MTP technology into a variety of commercial products.  The MTP technology has continued to grow, adding new features and functionality targeted at commercial software development and end-users.  It is the fastest and most reliable way to move data across wide area IP networks.