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Configuring Vista Firewall

By default, the Windows Vista firewall may allow an MTP client to access the network, but at greatly reduced performance.  It may not allow any access to an MTP server.  To ensure proper function and maximum performance, you must open the UDP port for your MTP application.

The servedat server included in ExpeDat 1.12, SyncDat 1.1, and later versions, will check your firewall settings for common problems and, if it is being Run as Administrator, it will automatically attempt to fix them.  It is still recommended that you follow the steps below to verify the settings.  See the ExpeDat documentation for more information specific to servedat.

For general information about configuring firewalls for use with MTP applications, see Configuring Firewalls.  Specific instructions for Windows Vista are shown below.

1. From the Start menu, open the Control Panel window.
2. In the standard control panel window, look for "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" underneath the "Security" heading.  If you have a "Classic" control panel window, choose the "Windows Firewall" icon.
3. In the "Windows Firewall" dialog, select the "Exceptions" tab, then click "Add port".
4. In the "Add a Port" window, enter the name of the application, its port number, and select UDP.  The example shown here is for the default ExpeDat port.  You may need to use a different number for other MTP applications or if the server is running on a different port.

If you (or the server administrator) changes the server port number, it will be necessary to repeat these steps for the new number.