Resuming an Interrupted Upload

Some interrupted uploads can be resumed, provided that the necessary server support and permissions are available.  During an upload, servedat will create temporary files to keep track of the transaction.  See the Upload Status section of the server documentation for more information about using these files to track the status of partial uploads.

If you move or rename the "-sv.tmp or "-sv.met" files you will lose the ability to resume the upload.

Interactive Resume

When no other options are specified and the terminal is interactive, movedat will prompt you to either resume, start over, or skip any upload which is eligible to be resumed.  Selecting resume will continue from the point where the previous upload attempt was interrupted.  Choosing to start over will discard the previous attempt and transfer the entire file.

If you have the compression option (-z) selected, then your options will be to resume without compression, start over with compression, or skip the file.  Resuming with compression is not currently supported.

Resuming an upload should only be done if you are confident that neither the source file nor the partial destination file have been changed since the previous upload attempt.  ExpeDat will attempt to detect changes, but can be fooled.  Resuming an upload after a file has changed may result in corrupted data.

Automated Resume

The following options determine how movedat will respond to resumable uploads:

-r Resume interrupted uploads if possible.
-y Resume interrupted uploads if possible, otherwise try to start over.
-O Always start over from the beginning, discarding any previous upload attempts.

If none of the options above is specified and the terminal is not interactive, then attempts to upload when a partial upload already exists will fail.

Non-Resumable Uploads

Streaming Folders, Object Handlers, and any uploads piped from stdin cannot be resumed.  Compressed uploads can only be resumed with compression disabled.