Displaying Files

Normally, movedat will only allow directory listings to be sent to the display.  This is to protect against accidental display of binary files, which could produce garbled output.  You can override this safeguard by using the "-D" option.  For example, to display the contents of a file readme.txt inside dirname, type:

movedat -D me@example.com:dirname/readme.txt

This option is not necessary when stdout has been redirected to a pipe or file.

Upload Status

movedat can display upload status information by querying the -sv.met file with the "-D" option.  For example:

movedat -D me@example.com:dirname/testin-sv.met example.com:dirname/testin-sv.met Failed: Remote Application: Object Incomplete Upload by user "me" was interrupted 29 seconds ago after 2.14 megabytes of 20.0 megabytes

This technique allows you to query upload status without unintentionally downloading or overwriting a file.