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Our goal is to provide not only the best performing data transport technology, but to back it up with the best support and expertise.

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We are eager to listen and eager to help.  Call us at +1 617-500-0002 x1 (US Eastern, 9am - 5pm) or email for a free consultation about your integration needs.  Contacts Page

Integration Strategies

Learn about the pros and cons of all the different approaches to MTP/IP integration and how to choose the right ones for your project.  Tech Note 0017

Online Resources

View product manuals, tech notes, support policies, and glossaries.  Use the Technical Support Request form to submit technical questions.  Support Site

Embedding ExpeDat

Most integrators find that they can achieve fast and feature rich file transfer integration by simply embedding off-the-shelf ExpeDat.  This article lists common techniques and examples.  Tech Note 0015

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The same product that delivers easy-to-use high performance file transfer to end-users also includes everything you need for scripted and embedded integration.  ExpeDat Product Site



Learn more about Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® technology, its performance, frequently asked questions, and its variety of Software Development Kits.  MTP/IP Technology