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DEI Introduces DropDat Workflow Client

Boston, MA, September 4, 2009 -- Data Expedition, Inc. (DEI) introduces DropDat, a new ExpeDat client designed to simplify and accelerate data transport workflows.  With this new utility, administrators and users can create "droplets" which send any files dropped on them to pre-configured locations.

Once configured, a droplet requires no user interaction other than dragging files and folders onto its icon.  Each droplet is a light-weight, self-contained, file transfer application that can be sent to end-users and placed on desktops or in work folders.

Pre-configured droplets can be distributed to end-users to provide a one-step file ingest mechanism.  Multiple droplets can be created to represent different destinations and configurations.

DropDat is immediately available to all existing, new, and trial customers as part of ExpeDat release 1.11C.  The Windows operating system is currently supported, with a Mac OS X version coming soon.

More details about DropDat and the ExpeDat high-performance file transfer software can be found in the ExpeDat online manual:

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