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Data Expedition, Inc. Introduces SyncDat
"rsync" Alternative for Wide Area Networks

BOSTON, MA, August 14, 2007 -- Data Expedition, Inc. (DEI) has announced SyncDat, the first automated directory synchronization utility designed specifically to overcome the challenges of Wide Area Networking. DEI's Multipurpose Transaction Protocol (MTP/IP) software technology allows SyncDat to scan hundreds of thousands of remote files in minutes and move changed data up to seven times faster than traditional "rsync" or CIFS based solutions.

DEI introduced SyncDat at the LinuxWorld / Next Generation Data Center Conference, in San Francisco. "LinuxWorld was the ideal venue to debut SyncDat," said Dr. Seth Noble, president and founder of DEI. "We talked to so many people who have felt the pain of trying to use rsync or CIFS over the WAN."

File synchronization software scans local and remote directory structures to find changes, then transfers only the updated files. Traditional solutions were designed for Local Area Networks (LANs). When faced with the latency and congestion of a Wide Area Network (WAN), they suffer tremendous performance penalties. Delays in tasks such as content distribution, backups, and data mirroring can impinge on business critical processes with costly results.

"LAN software can really thrash both the network and the local disks," explained Dr. Noble. "SyncDat makes much more efficient use of both, letting it move data faster while at the same time reducing system strain."

SyncDat delivers point-to-point and client-server file synchronization in a very small software package. Its features include AES encryption, system authentication, bandwidth management, and support for a wide variety of operating systems.

Trial versions of SyncDat, or any of DEI's software, can be obtained via or by calling 877-292-2280.

About Data Expedition, Inc.
Data Expedition, Inc. is a global provider of software solutions for network performance and reliability. Our Multipurpose Transaction Protocol (MTP/IP) technology overcomes the packet loss, congestion, and latency challenges of Wide Area Networks. Our customers achieve faster data throughput and transaction rates, improving performance for point-to-point file transfer, data back-up, data center migration, grid computing, content distribution, and many other network critical tasks. Direct media inquiries to Dana Merk, 781-353-6403 x224.

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