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Friends of Data Expedition, Inc:

Data Expedition, Inc., is excited to announce some innovative updates to our high-performance data transfer solutions.  We're also pleased to welcome some of our newest customers to the growing number of companies and organizations realizing there is a better, more efficient, and less expensive way to Move Data Faster!

Thank you for taking the time to get caught up on all things Data Expedition.  We appreciate your business and continued feedback on how we can best serve the ever-growing high-performance data transfer market.
Best Regards,
Dana Merk
Director of Business Development
Data Expedition, Inc.

NEW! - ExpeDat™ Links
DropDat™ - Drag & Drop functionality
Spotlight: Managed File Transfer
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ExpeDat Links
If you can click a link, you can use ExpeDat!

You've spoken and we've listened.  Over the past several months we've received great feedback from existing and prospective customers wanting an easier way to download data using ExpeDat.  While our command-line and GUI interfaces have always been well-received, we recognized the need to have a web-based option. 

With ExpeDat Links, a user simply clicks a link, whether emailed, embedded in a web page or form, and ExpeDat will handle the rest.  This option is a perfect way for non-technical users, remote employees or contractors, and corporate partners to get the high-performance benefits of ExpeDat without having to fuss around with a graphical interface or command-line client. 

For more information, please call Data Expedition for a demonstration: +1 617-500-0002, or CLICK HERE
Drag & Drop Functionality for Seamless Uploads

DropDat is one of our newer ExpeDat client applications.  It is included for FREE in any ExpeDat server license purchase, as are our other client applications: movedat, MTPexpeDat, and our newest option, ExpeDat Links.

DropDat allows administrators and users to create "droplets" which send any files dropped on them to pre-configured locations.  Pre-configured droplets can be distributed to end-users to provide a one-step file ingest mechanism.  Multiple droplets also can be created to represent different destinations and configurations.

Once configured, a droplet requires no user interaction other than dragging files and folders onto its icon.  Each droplet is a light-weight, self-contained file transfer application that can be sent to end-users, via email for example, and placed on desktops or in work folders.

This approach takes the guesswork out of uploading files for any end-user.  It's the perfect fit for remote employees in the field uploading video in the news industry, DoD/Intel community users, and for Digital Dailies, among many other uses.

Please contact Data Expedition to learn how The Associated Press is using DropDat to ensure expedited delivery of field reporter's filings to their London and Washington, DC bureaus.

For more information, please call us for a trial or demonstration: +1 617-500-0002, or
Spotlight: Managed File Transfer
MTP/IP Integration Strategies

Managed File Transfer (MFT) vendors have historically focused on areas like compliance, risk, and governance.  Oftentimes this leaves the issue of performance to their end-users.  And because the majority of MFT vendors utilize TCP-based transport protocols such as FTP, SFTP, and HTTP, the issue of under-performing data transfers is almost inevitable.

Couple the inherent issues of TCP and WAN data transfer with the explosive growth in data sets, and we have traditional MFT vendors finding themselves expanding their portfolios from a transactional-based world to wanting to provide solutions to new verticals dealing in large data sets.  Generally speaking, these prospective customers need to move their large files across the world in as near-to-real-time as possible.

These challenges often force MFT end-users to cobble together alternatives to better their MFT software's performance, such as using WAN optimization hardware or throwing additional bandwidth at the problem.  Of course, both of these "fixes" have significant costs associated with them and are less than elegant solutions.

Rather than placing the burden on the end-user to adopt costly measures in order to obtain efficient and expedited data transfer, many MFT vendors have found enabling technologies, like Data Expedition's Multipurpose Transaction Protocol (MTP
/IP) and our ExpeDat software.

By relying on experts in the area of high-performance data transfer and leveraging Data Expedition's ExpeDat software and MTP/IP technology, MFT vendors are now providing their end-users a high-performance data transfer experience with very little changes to their current workflow.  Further, the
embedding and integration features built-in to standard ExpeDat make it easy to deploy along side existing MFT software, often with little or no source level modification.

For your high-performance data transfer needs assessment, as it relates to your current integration scenario, please email to: Dana Merk
Competitive Pricing and more...

We are easy to do business with as evidenced by the free trials we offer for immediate download.  We can have you up and running from evaluation to production software being deployed in a matter of hours.  This flexibility and nimble approach to doing business is a hallmark of Data Expedition's customer service commitment to our customers and prospective partners.

Not only do we offer a No-Hassle approach to our free trials but did you know:

*Competitive Pricing - Our pricing model has been designed to allow us to be the most competitively priced high-performance data transfer software on the market.  Whether you're on a T1 or an OC-192, you're Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is going to be the same with Data Expedition.  No one else in the market can make such a claim.  Call us for a competitive analysis.

*All our documentation is readily available online.  You don't need usernames and passwords in order to access our documentation because we have nothing to hide about how we do what we do with our technology.  100% transparency is a policy we've had since day 1, over 10 years ago, in our approach to dealing with our customers.

Customer Corner
A Quick THANK YOU to some of our newest customers:

Defense Science Organization of Singapore (DSO)


LexisNexis - a Reed Elsevier company

United States Air Force, in partnership with Lockheed Martin

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Data Expedition, Inc. is a privately-funded company providing software solutions for maximizing network performance and reliability. 
Our MTP/IP software enables our global customers to free up their WAN from latency and congestion associated with chatty protocols when moving data over their mobile, satellite, leased, fixed, and internet lines.  From data center synchronizations to file transfers, using DEI software solutions allows you to gain significant increases in transaction rates and throughput over conventional applications such as FTP, SFTP, scp, HTTP, and UDP-based data blasters.

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